Beauty Brand Creates Campaign to Treat Mental Illness

A new article in the New York Times reports that Philosophy, the beauty brand owned by Coty, has become the first company to raise funds to treat mental illness. Though nearly 40,000 Americans commit suicide annually, about the same number that die from breast cancer, corporate support for mental illness, the cause of most suicides, is decidedly scant. READ MORE

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Survivors Speak Out for Suicide Prevention

An article about the power of speaking out for suicide prevention was recently featured in the New York Times. A long-held taboo against talking about suicide attempts is being examined in an important step forward in the mental health community. Read More…

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Pick Yourself Up: The Key to Depression Recovery

For years I have said that key to recovering from depression is to never give up–to pick yourself up each time you fall. This truth was recently demonstrated and witnessed by millions of people when the American ice skater Jeremy Abbot had a severe crash within the first minutes of  his Olympic short program ice skating routine. For a moment he lay on ice, writhing in pain. It was unclear if he would get up. But buoyed by the cheers of the crowd, Abbot not only continued his program, but landed the next two jumps flawlessly.


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Social Support Helps to Win an Olympic Sliver Medal

For years, I have been saying that one of the three keys to healing from depression is to have social support.  We need cannot heal from something as overpowering as depression or anxiety in isolation.

The healing power of social support does not only apply to recovering from depression. Human beings are social animals, and we need each other to accomplish anything worthwhile. The truth of this principle recently played out in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Read More

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Overcoming the Stigma of Depression

One of the roadblocks to recovery for those who suffer from depression is our culture’s tendency to stigmatize depression. I have learned two strategies for overcoming the stigma of depression that I would like to share. Read More

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Get A Good Night’s Sleep

One of the simplest and most natural things that you can do to feel better–physically and emotionally–is to get a good night’s sleep. In this YouTube video, I discuss the importance of sleep in maintaining mental health and well as share a variety of solutions for keeping healthy sleep habits. Read More

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