Survival Tips

If you are in the hell of a major depression or anxiety disorder and feel you have reached your limit, here are three coping strategies that you can use right now:

  1. Set the intention to heal. Make the decision that you want to get well (even if you don’t know how).
  2. Reach out for support – to other people and to spirit.
  3. Ask spirit (or your Higher Power) for the courage and endurance to stay in the pain until it repatterns.

If you follow these three suggestions, while I cannot guarantee that you will get better (no one can know the future with certainty), my experience tells me that you will greatly maximize your chances of healing and of making a full recovery.

If you are on the edge of the abyss, don’t jump.
If you are going through hell, don’t stop.
As long as you are breathing, there is hope.
As long as day follows night, there is hope
Nothing stays the same forever.
Set an intention to heal,
Reach out for support, and you will find help.

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