It has been exactly three years since I attended my first Weight Watchers’s meeting in August of 2010. On that day, I weighed in at 232.4 pounds. Today, I am 45 pounds lighter at 187.4 pounds. I describe how I was able to accomplish this on my web site

I believe that being lighter physically has helped me to become emotionally lighter in two ways: First, I have been able to take up road cycling, which raises my mood through the power of exercise.

Second, after I made changed my diet, I learned that fruits and vegetables contain substances that have been associated with a decrease in depression. The most helpful of these are grapes, apples, berries, kale, onions and green tea–foods I eat on a regular basis. Also, by eating more complex carbohydrates I have been able to stabilize my blood sugar, thereby preventing the mood swings that can occur with changes in blood sugar.

All of this harkens back to one of the main premises of my better mood recovery program–that the starting point of healing from depression and anxiety is physical self-care. For as your physiology goes, so goes your mood.