Does Exercise Really Heal Depression?

The title of today’s blog is, “Does Exercise Really Heal Depression. In my experience the answer is a definite “yes.” Over the past fifteen years of facilitating depression support groups, I have had dozens and dozens clients tell me over and over that physical...

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Is There a Time to Stop Taking My Medications?

One of the questions I am most often asked by my group members and clients is, “Douglas, is there a time to stop taking my medications? I have felt better since being on medication(s). Now can I stop them?” (Read more)


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What It is Like to Be in a Mental Hospital

In January of 2016, I spent twenty five days as an inpatient in a locked psychiatric ward of local mental hospital. The cause of my hospitalization was that my psyche and my life were disintegrating, and my partner wanted to get me into a safe place. (Read more)

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How to Stop Ruminating

Have you ever heard of the term ruminating? It is something that a cow does when it chews is foods over and over again. Even though we depressives are not cows, we tend to do the same thing with our thoughts and chew on them. (read more).

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Breathe to Improve Your Mood

One of the most powerful ways to impact your emotions and improve your mood is through the breath. In Sanskrit the word for breath is prana, which also means “life” or “spirit.” This is because the oxygen we inhale is necessary for the functioning of every cell in our body.

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