My Stay in a Mental Hospital

The purpose of this blog is to provide an account of what it means to be hospitalized in a psychiatric ward through sharing my stay in a mental hospital. (Read more)

Breathe to Improve Your Mood

One of the most powerful ways to impact your emotions and improve your mood is through the breath. In Sanskrit the word for breath is prana, which also means “life” or “spirit.” This is because the oxygen we inhale is necessary for the functioning of every cell in our body.

(Read more)

How Employment Helps to Heal From Depression

Sigmund Freud, once defined mental health as “the ability to work and to love.” On this post I want to talk about how employment can help us to heal from depression. Read more.

Reboot the Brain Through Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

A recent report in the magazine Science Daily  shows how one can reboot the brain using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Read More

Is Depression a Result of Inflammation?

In this intriguing article from the British newspaper The Guardian, researchers now believe that depression is an allergic reaction that is a result of inflammation in the body’s immune system.

Use Light Therapy for Winter Depression

I want to share how to use light therapy to heal winter depression. Today is the winter solstice, a time of the shortest day and the longest night. Read more

Man Thanks Stranger who Saved Him From Suicide

I want to share an inspirational story about a man who was saved by suicide by a stranger. After six years,  a remarkable reunion has taken place between the man whose life was saved and the person who saved it.   Read more.

How a Suicide Survivor is Helping Others to Live

For years I have been writing about what we can learn from the suicide survivor about the advisability of suicide. All of the my clients who survived suicide attempts have said the same thing–they are so glad that they did not succeed.

Now, we have a man who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and lived and has decided to share his testimony. (Read more)

Beauty Brand Creates Campaign to Treat Mental Illness

A new article in the New York Times reports that Philosophy, the beauty brand owned by Coty, has become the first company to raise funds to treat mental illness. Though nearly 40,000 Americans commit suicide annually, about the same number that die from breast cancer, corporate support for mental illness, the cause of most suicides, is decidedly scant. READ MORE

Jails are the New Mental Hospitals

A recent article in the NY Times describes the problem of violence in jails, especially with inmates who suffer from mental illness, and illustrates how jails are the new mental hospitals of our time, with disastrous results. READ MORE

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